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I like to think, imagine, create and explore. I am a combination of ego and self doubt, confidence and insecurity. I have never been introduced to someone that I didn't find potential in or a culture that I didn't find something to love about it. I procrastinate until its time to burn the midnight oil and then can work in a flurry until the job is done. I hate to fly but love to travel. I am a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. I believe that there is a solution to virtually every problem. . .I have only faced one situation in my life where it didn't work out for the better. I am neither optimist nor pessimist. . .I am a realist in most every sense of the word. But I realistically believe that we have reasons to be optimistic. I love history and tradition yet am driven by technology and innovation. I believe that most people can help themselves and should. Exceptions to that include children, the elderly and the truly sick. I am a work in progress. . .

Hello world!

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